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Co-located Pharmacies | Tripoli

Vasiliki Fragkou - Antonios Georgakopoulos





The betting of therapeutical science in recent years is the personalized treatment. As people are different from each other, so are the illnesses. That's why the same treatment does not always suit everyone. Every patient is looking for the best possible treatment and today science helps. Over time, one of the most important tasks of a pharmacist is the preparation of formulations in his laboratory (according to the prescription of the responsible physician). Having invested in this field both in logistic equipment and in scientific training, our pharmacy produces all kinds of tranquil formulations other than intravenously administered - such as skin, capsules, tablets, oral suspensions, syrups, suppositories, etc. for each patient. We have the necessary equipment (analytical scales, Unguator agitators, stirring plates, etc.) and a variety of reagents from certified international suppliers (ISO, G.M.P.).