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Co-located Pharmacies | Tripoli

Vasiliki Fragkou - Antonios Georgakopoulos


Our pharmacy has its roots in 1970's when it was founded by the pharmacist Georgios Papadakos. Since 1986 it is headed by the pharmacist Vasiliki Fragkou, a graduate of the Athens Pharmacy School and located at Ethnikis Antistaseos & T. Sechioti str, Agios Vassilios Square, the central square of Tripoli. In 2015 Fragkou Pharmacy is co-housed with the pharmacist Antonis Georgakopoulos, Vasiliki Fragkou's son, also a graduate of the Athens School of Pharmacy and a holder of a postgraduate degree in Pharmacy Synthesis from the same University. With a high sense of responsibility and love towards the people, we strive daily to satisfy every need of the people who appeal to us, gaining instant recognition and people's trust. Our highly demanding work is made by our highly experienced and highly trained partners.

Our pharmacy team includes the pharmacist Spyridaki Katerina, graduate of the Athens Pharmacy School and Doctor of Pharmacology at the Medical School of the University of Crete and the pharmacist's assistants Koutsimari Marina and Georgara Christina, who work in our pharmacy for the last 30 and 26  years respectively, providing a high level of health services and excellent service for the people visiting us every day. Finally, our pharmacy team completes with our experienced and highly trained aesthetician, who always smiles, advises and proposes, according to the specific needs of each visitor, services and beauty products.

Notably important part of our pharmacy is our laboratory, which is fully equipped with high-tech devices and excellent quality reagents to make even the most demanding galenical preparation possible from our pharmacists.
The goal of our pharmacy is to constantly meet the individual needs of the people visiting us and honors us with confidence, always on the basis of safety, reliability and efficiency.