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Co-located Pharmacies | Tripoli

Vasiliki Fragkou - Antonios Georgakopoulos





The basic aim of our daily routine is the proper use of the formulations given to our pharmacy patients. This is achieved through the responsible and valid information we provide to the people we choose, both for prescription drugs (explanation of doctor's instructions) and for NSAIDs, dietary supplements, self-care products and self-medication for mild cases, e.g. analgesics, topical anti-inflammatory, antitussive, seasonal cold treatment, stings, first aid etc.

Particular emphasis is put on educating and guiding the patient with the rational use of drugs / preparations (in accordance with his doctor's instructions) and avoiding misuse (eg drug-drug interactions, toxic dose, etc.) .), always taking into account the specificities of each case.

From our counseling we could not miss the skin's beauty and health advice. Based on the specific needs of each skin, we reach the appropriate dermocosmetics for you through a wide range of products reaching a step closer to the desired result, a healthy and beautiful skin over time.