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Homeopathy derives from the words "similar" and "passion" and is based on the notion that "the like are treated with the like", according to which the treatment of a physical or mental illness can be achieved by using medicinal substances that are capable of cause the symptoms of this disease when given to a healthy body. Homeopathy has its roots in the Hippocratic era but as a distinct healing system as we know it today, it was first presented by Samuel Hahnemann (Samuel Hahnemann) (1755-1843).
Our pharmacy supplies raw materials and homeopathic products from KORRES HOMEOPATHY SA which has the unique in Greece, licensed by EOF, Production Unit of Homeopathic Materials & Homeopathic Medicines [ISO 9001, ISO 14001]. This ensures safe and quality homeopathic formulations for people who follow homeopathic practice in their lives.